Welcome to ARM NGO
To find out an alternative strategy of rural social intervantion and to facilitate the NGO movement in the state of Odisha.

Background and

After independence, the state administration pursued and advocated the “Trickle Down” Model for socio-economic development. However, there was very little evidence of the model’s success, of anything trickling down to the common masses.

This caused concern, with activists starting to consider viable strategies to resolve this urgent matter. Meanwhile, there was rising awareness among a number of people that mass poverty and socio-economic handicap should be and could be alleviated. 


Core Values

To facilitate empowerment, solidarity and leadership capacities of backward rural women and the underprivileged social sections.
To sensitize, act and promote basic education, rural health, eco-environment an dquality of living in the problem villages.

Social justice, sustainability and inclusiveness as the principles of authentic development.
People centered development vision.

Our Strategy

  • Strategic area:
  • Programme area:
  • Organizational area:
  • First generation: Relief and welfare activities
  • Second generation: Capacity Building activities
  • Third generation: Sustainable Development Strategies
  • Fourth generation: People’s Movement Strategy
  • Community education and capacity building
  • Rural health management
  • Women empowerment and child rights
  • Empowerment & mainstreaming of backward rural women, deserted, destitute, tribal, dalits through promotion of Self Help Groups, women rights, gender equity and legal assistance;
  • Socio economic development of poor and vulnerable rural women through credit and savings under SHGs, vocational training for self-employment and micro enterprise promotion;

Governing Body

Governance Structure

ARM is governed, managed and controlled by an Executive Committee consisting of 7 members including 3 office bearers. The members of the Executive Committee are elected from among the general members every three years. The Executive Committee, which is the main decision-making platform of the Organization, is represented by the veteran social workers, teachers, housewives, and the villagers coming from all walks of life. 


• 315 of Women Self Help Groups have been formed with total 4340 no. of rural backward women availing leadership skills, legal awareness and assistance and socio-economic benefit through their collective efforts.
• Monthly savings to the tune of 6 lacs have been generated and credit of 542 lacs been mobilized by 292 Women Self Help Group members through rural savings and credit Endeavour.