• To facilitate empowerment, solidarity and leadership capacities of backward rural women and the underprivileged social sections.
  • To sensitize, act and promote basic education, rural health, eco-environment an dquality of living in the problem villages.
  • To restore and strengthen the advocacy of human and child rights activities of vulnerable social categories concentrating on women and girls’ rights for preventing social discrimination and oppression.
  • To garner economic empowerment and rural self-employment of socially handicapped sections through credit and savings, eco-friendly and sustainable agriculture, micro enterprises and establishment of a value-chain-based marketing network.

Core Values

  • People centered development vision•.
  • Social justice, sustainability and inclusiveness as the principles of authentic development.
  • Views development as a people’s movement.
  • Enable people to develop themselves.
  • Ascendance in nurturing, enabling and conserving dimensions of female consciousness.
  • Mass sharing of benefits of development.
  • Mass contribution to development.
  • Sensitivity & responsiveness to the aspirations of common people.
  • Creating and sustaining an atmosphere of growth and social change.
  • Honesty and integrity in thought & action.
  • Result oriented approach.