Emergency Relief by ACA Best seller fund, Denmark

(Economic Rehabilitation Program for the Cyclone Phailin Victims in the year 2013)

During the year cyclone phailin affected to the state of Odisha as well as Balasore District. Loss of houses, agriculture field make the people homeless and bread less and lost their Job. Looking in to the hard situation of the affected people ACA best seller fund Denmark and CASA, Kolkata, CONNECT INDIA extended the funding support to reha1bilitate the homeless families in Baliapal Block to construct low cost houses and economic rehabilitation of the poor and help less family. The survey conducted in the affected villages in participatory method with the involvement of the people, people’s representatives for the selection of beneficiary for the economic rehabilitation assistance and construction of house.

1. 134 no of low cost pucca houses in disaster proof design has been constructed for the poorest of poor people those who have lost their house and became homeless.
2. 20 no of poultry chicks, feeding to poultry and shed have been provided to 50 no. of women beneficiaries. 50 no of beneficiaries have been provided with 2 no of goats each. 65 no of poor fisherman has been provided with Fishing net, ropes and other accessories. 1 no of poor women has been provided with cloth and minor accessories for tailoring who were trained up on tailoring.125 No of fish farmers has been supported with fingerlings and feeding for the fish, 194 no of beneficiaries has been provided for Bamboo and 16 no of beneficiaries has been provided with cane work who have lost their livelihood during the Phailin to restore their livelihood.
3. Skill development training for the beneficiaries under poultry and goatery to upgrade their knowledge on the management of the livelihood and solution of problems at their level.
4. 1200 no of farmers those who have lost their agriculture have been distributed paddy seed , fertiliser, pesticide for cultivation and other inputs like bio fertilizer has been given to increase the health of the soil and productivity
5. 1200 no of farmers have been trained in the scientific system of HYV paddy cultivation, different system of rice cultivation like SRI, Line sowing and different new technologies for the increase of the productivity like summer ploughing, Seed treatment, water management, pesticide management, soil Success Story 4.4testing, use of weeder, Pheromone trap, T Stand (Bird rest), Trico card, NADEP, AZOLA, Vermin compost use and preparation.
6. The Beneficiaries on poultry, goatry, Fishing, Fish culture, Bamboo, cane work, Agriculture, Tailoring have been provided with 2to 5 days training according to their trade for their skill up gradation.
Emergency Relief by Churches Auxiliary for
Social Action (CASA), Kolkata.
1. 470 no of phailin affected houses have been provided with GCI sheets, rice and other accessories to rebuild their houses.
2. Immediate relief like polythene, cooking and other household uteDSC00071nsils, water filter, solar Light, First Aid Kit, Daily needs for the house has been provided to 2247 no of phailin affected families.
3. Livelihood support to the 475 no of farmers those who have lost their transplanted paddy and seed bed in the agriculture field during phailine have been provided seed , fertilizer, organic pesticide for the restoration of their agriculture field .
Relief assistance By CONNECT INDIA:
1. The children lost their Teaching materials during flood and Phailine were supported with Notebooks, geometry Box, pen, pencil, Eraser and white paper. 300 no of children have been benefited with these teaching materials.
2. For the promotion of livelihood and the income of the poorest of the poor families those who have lost their poultry 60 no of women entrepreneurs have been provided twenty no of poultry chicks, feeding and construction of shed for the poultry each to the poorest of the poor women which has been rehabilitated to the poorest of poor families.
3. Livelihood supports to the 220 no of farmers those who have lost their transplanted paddy and seed bed in the agriculture field during phailin have been provided Paddy seed for the restoration of their agriculture field.