ARM Baliapal has been taken the step to empower the women by uniting them in to one forum to identify their issues, women issues, financial issues and to get the way for the rehabilitation the 2650 Rural poor women at Baliapal Block have been organised and 198 Self Help Groups has been promoted. They have been motivated for the savings and credits. The poor women have their own Pass books in their self Help group name. The women have been organised and they have conducted regular meeting in their villages which increased interaction and to know each other and one women understood another women’s problem and with the joint effort in a group they tried to solve it. With the increase in the savings of their group they are became self reliant and at the time of emergency need they need not go to the land lord or middle man for help, the group members helped to the women who is in need of finance and also it was easy for the repayment in easy instalments so the women were not faced any problem. Later on the groups have been linked with the Bank for credit and the poor women got the financial help from bank also to start their own business for which they became financially independent.

To promote the SHGs NABARD Balasore has been supported and for their capacity building different training programmes has been organised by ARM for the proper Management, Leadership Building, and Maintenance of records of SHG, Entrepreneurship development programmes conducted and empowered them for the economic independence. Which have been capcitised them to choose their livelihood and linked with the Bank. They have started their own livelihood option with the establishment of different trade like poultry farming, vegetable cultivation, paddy husking, mushroom cultivation etc.

The sensitized and trained women have been vocal and gained social status. Leadership has changed their mind set towards empowerment through group initiatives. They have gained interaction and bargaining capacity.

Regularly the monthly meetings have been conducted by themselves which increased their habit of time consciousness, included in routine of work, timely saving and timely repayment of loan and united them to discuss on the social issues of their village. During the monthly meeting of the members they have been empowered by the Promoting staff of ARM regarding the social issues of the villages and they have been empowered to identify the issues and discuss in the forum of their SHG. During the meetings they have been educated and empowered on the women Acts like:

1. Domestic violence Act

2. Women Rights


4. Child Marriage Act

5. Hindu Marriage Act

6. Adolescent girls problems

7. Mother and Child care

8. Schemes for the mother and child

9. Women Atrocities

10. Girl’s education

The regular interaction with the women groups have been provided them courage to work together and make them economically empowered.